Whoever said that serving God is boring has never seen Xplosive Praise Dance Ministry in action! Xplosive Praise Dance Ministry focuses on using the creative arts as a form of praise and worship unto our Lord. Xplosive Praise features many different dance styles such as: Worship/lyrical, pantomime, interpretative dance, worship flags/pageantry, with infusions of jazz and ballet. Simply put, our God is great and our praise is Xplosive!

If you are interested in learning more about our dance ministry or joining us, please send us am email by clicking the following link: firstantiochchurch@gmail.com 


The First Antioch Church's Youth Ministry is a young, innovative and energetic group of young people dedicated to cultivating a biblical and moral sense of life, while developing a personal relationships with Jesus. With the help of great youth leaders and encouragement from their peers, there is nothing that our youth can't accomplish! 

Join us every 2nd Sunday of the month to see our youth in action,as they lead the morning worship service with their various gifts and callings.

Known as the church with a heart near the heart of the city, First Antioch Church feels a strong commitment to the betterment of the community. Our outreach ministry is geared towards those who have a heart for evangelism and who are eagerly seeking to win souls for the kingdom. Whether your gift is street evangelism, ministering to those who are sick and shut-in, or feeding the homeless, our outreach ministry is the place for you! 

In partnership with the Juvenile Justice Commission, our Prison Ministry hosts Bible studies, prayer services and offers various life skills and spiritual development workshops for the juvenile detention residents of the Johnstone Campus (Bordentown, NJ).

If you are interested in learning more about this ministry,  please email us at: firstantiochchurch@gmail.com

What better feeling than having the ability to come together with other sisters in Christ and share fellowship, ministry and love! If you are looking to connect with a group of women of God, we've got the group for you. FAC Fabulous Ladies not only love the Lord, but also share a love for fashion, outings, family, humor and creativity. Why wait? Come join this awesome women's ministry and find your sisters in Christ.


Something amazing happens when men come together to worship and praise God. We are so blessed at the FAC to have some of the greatest men on this side of heaven! Our Brotherhood ministry is just that, a brotherhood - a place for brothers to come together for support, friendship, mentorship, encouragement and fellowship. If you are looking for brotherhood in Christ, this is definitely the ministry for you! 


What's a great church without great music?! The music ministry of the First Antioch Church needs no introduction. Blessed with young, innovative musicians, anointed singers and worship leaders, the FAC is all about praise and worship! Through prayer and dedication, our music ministry seeks to produce a true sound of worship that honors, extols and magnifies God.

Are you musically inclined? Do you love to worship? This may be the ministry for you. If you are interested in: FAC Praise Team, Sanctuary Choir, Men's Praise Team or the band, please feel free to further inquire by emailing us at: firstantiochchurch@gmail.com

Some of our other ministries include: Children's Church, Ushers & Hospitality Ministry, Missions Ministry, Christian Education Ministry.